IndoGenius is directed by the firm belief that the next chapter of the human story will in part be defined by the economic and intellectual re-emergence of India and that its global partners can learn from, as well as contribute to, this re-emergence.

Acting on this, IndoGenius designs innovative immersion programs for students and young professionals around the world, while facilitating international science collaboration and presenting a case for greater engagement with India.

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    • Passport to india
    • The U.S. State Department has selected IndoGenius and partner Ohio State University to breathe new life into Passport to India, an initiative to encourage more young Americans to study abroad and intern in India.
    • Generation UK-India
    • IndoGenius is the delivery partner of the Cultural Immersion Strand of the British Council’s Generation UK-India, a programme that will support up to 25,000 young people and professionals from the UK gain study and work experience in India.
    • Indigo Policy
    • IndoGenius serves as a Consortium Member of Indigo Policy, a European Commission coordination and support action project to enhance Indo-European collaboration in science, technology and innovation. With this, IndoGenius organizes the EU STI Platform in India with partner CNRS.
    • Mobile Apps
    • IndoGenius is working to develop mobile applications to connect learners with the best online learning resources and real world education opportunities.
    • Interversity
    • IndoGenius is the Joint-Venture partner on a project to reimagine a 21st century research university on 890 acres in Madhya Pradesh based on our inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional philosophy.
    • Buckeye Leadership Fellows
    • IndoGenius has designed and delivered high-impact capstone immersion experiences for the Ohio State University Buckeye Leadership Fellows, a program that develops students into leaders through unique transformative experiences.
    • Research Council UK in India
    • IndoGenius has provided event management services to partners such as Research Councils UK, assisting with the launch of EqUIP, the EU-India Social Sciences and Humanities Platform.
    • India SI House
    • In support of the India-EU Joint House for Science & Innovation (India SI House), IndoGenius has provided key research input to the French Ministry of External Affairs and the Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA).


Immersion Programs

Whether an undergraduate student or a seasoned executive, you cannot fully understand India’s contemporary relevance without an expert-led in-country experience.

Immersion Programs

Whether a university student or young professional, whether your interest is academic studies or ambitious startups, you cannot fully understand India’s contemporary relevance without an expert-led in-country experience.
Through the UKIERI Study India Programme, the British Council’s Generation UK-India, and the Ohio State University Buckeye Leadership Fellows, IndoGenius will have introduced over 900 young people to India by the end of 2015.

research Projects

In addition to publishing an original report on the future of Indian higher education and its impact on innovation, IndoGenius has provided key research inputs to European Commission-sponsored projects (Indigo Policy and India SI House) to foster Indo-European science and innovation collaboration.
Our research expertise extends most specifically to higher education and research in India, especially international science, technology and innovation collaboration. We also maintain a curated library of key research reports affecting the Indian innovation ecosystem.

Strategic Initiatives

IndoGenius engages in a range of carefully selected strategic initiatives which make it easier for the international scientific and academic community, as well as government agencies, to collaborate with India.
These include the US State Department’s Passport to India initiative to encourage more young Americans to study and intern in India; a mobile app to connect learners around the world; and plans for a 21st century research university in central India.

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Just the "I" in BRICS? Hardly. India is much more than an emerging market.

To understand what we mean, sign up for our upcoming Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) debuting on the Coursera platform later this year.

This 8-week course is produced for Passport to India in association with the Ohio State University and features interviews with dozens of leading academics, professionals and young people in India and the US.


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